What is Zirio?

Zirio is a comprehensive logistics platform that solves all the problems for both companies and carriers, streamlining the entire management process and reducing time and capital costs. Thanks to its unique tools for managing cargo and its automated functions, it stands out as one of the most efficient platforms in the United States.

Why Zirio?

Zirio is a logistics platform created using artificial intelligence. Our features position us as the safest and most efficient in all processes for shipping large loads. In our platform, we have a network of truckers and companies where they post shipping orders and are taken. However, not only that, but the company that needs to transport its cargo also manages and oversees the entire shipping process. This translates to reduced time and costs, increased security, much faster delivery, and efficiency in payments along with records. We are one of the pioneers in adopting a model similar to Uber in the logistics sector, signifying significant innovation in the industry due to the substantial problem-solving capabilities and scalability.

One of the main reasons Zirio was created, and a key issue it addresses, is the abuse of high costs in traditional delivery systems, including taxes applied to a shipment and commissions imposed on delivery drivers. Additionally, there are issues of corruption and inefficiencies in the platforms. Our competitors charge a commission percentage ranging from approximately 35-70% per service, which is deducted from the earnings of the delivery driver. Through studies and feedback from our own drivers who previously worked for the competition, it became clear that working for these services results in a poor overall experience.

Zirio stands out for a set of features that position us as the best choice and demonstrate our commitment to the satisfaction of users, companies, and drivers.

  • Zirio employs own protocol focused on artificial intelligence functions to ensure that shipment management is automated in the most efficient way possible. It incorporates tools for verification, validation, control, and review that significantly facilitate and expedite processes, reducing costs and times to accelerate delivery times.

  • Zirio leverages the benefits of decentralization and transparency. This enables greater autonomy and control for drivers, as well as increased trust and security for users and businesses.

  • One of Zirio's strongest points is its drivers, which is why we take care of them and provide incentives. They receive an 85% commission (profit) per service, which is currently the highest benefit among all delivery networks. Additionally, our drivers receive airdrops in our token for every successful delivery through the staking functionality, doubling their financial benefit. Our drivers feel more empowered due to our model of increased autonomy and transparency; at the end of the day, they also have a say in the company. Any type of driver can thrive in our ecosystem and even afford to grow and have a fleet of vehicles thanks to us.

  • The platform provides options for payments, transfers, conversions, and withdrawals for our drivers. We allow platform users to immediately receive payment for service (shipment/freight) in their preferred financial method whether through traditional banking, cryptocurrency, or virtual wallets facilitating financial inclusion and offering them more possibilities. Unlike 90% of traditional logistics models or agencies, we address the real and proven issue of delayed payments to drivers, which often takes 20-30 days in the form of a check.

  • We excel in user experience with a platform that makes it extremely easy to send a package, manage, and request various deliveries. We have the highest market efficiency in terms of user experience, user flow, and time to send any type of package or cargo. Today, through studies and strategic personnel who use these systems daily, we know that the platforms are very basic, outdated, and full of errors, making it a lengthy process for company administration using these systems, individuals who want to send a package, as for the drivers.

  • Security is paramount in every aspect of a delivery system, and that's why we excel. As discussed earlier, our technology contributes to various areas, and security is no exception. We implement numerous identity validations and verifications within our protocol, complemented by artificial intelligence. This not only enhances overall security but also streamlines the dispute resolution process, providing a faster and more efficient experience.

  • Distinguished by its commitment to continuous innovation, the team consistently updates and enhances the protocol, platform, and features to stay at the forefront of technology and deliver the best possible experience to all users.

  • Cargo records and auditing on our platform, we store all the records of order details for a shipment and the process once completed. All the data related to the shipment, communication with the driver, driver details, licenses, documents, and images are stored in each record that we save. This works very well for companies that want to audit the entire process, as everything is done within the platform. It also allows for complete verification in case of any internal errors on their part.


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