Although officially founded in May 2023, Zirio's story dates back several years when Francisco Diaz, the founder, began conceiving the idea that would change the landscape of package delivery. A key figure who collaborated in the development and idea was Watson Lewis, currently an ambassador for the company. With a clear vision of the shortcomings in existing delivery systems, Francisco, with his technical design expertise, embarked on a journey to build a revolutionary solution in traditional and inefficient logistics systems in every sense.

Inspired by his own frustration with long delivery times, the exploitation of drivers, and the lack of innovation in conventional delivery platforms, Francisco envisioned an ecosystem that combined cutting-edge technologies such as blockchain with a user-centric and transparent approach.

During these early years of development, Francisco surrounded himself with a passionate team of technology and logistics experts. Together, they overcame technical challenges, refined Zirio's vision, and laid the groundwork for what would become the world's most efficient and advanced delivery network.

Zirio's journey is not just the chronicle of a company but the narrative of a bold vision born out of dissatisfaction with the status quo and evolved into the creation of a completely new paradigm in the world of package delivery. They explored and tested a multitude of delivery systems worldwide, from small shipments to raw materials, as part of the process of finding the perfect solution.

Created to address the frustrations and time losses experienced with traditional logistics platforms, Zirio emerges as a user-centric solution.

Drivers confront inefficiencies, time losses, and ineffective processes daily within conventional platforms. Zirio is born from a profound understanding of these issues. From its inception, each feature, every line of code, has been shaped by the driver's experience, aiming to eliminate the barriers that have traditionally hindered their efficiency.

At Zirio, we recognize that every minute matters. We've crafted a platform that not only simplifies logistics but also specifically tackles areas that have historically caused significant time losses. From automated validation and verification to the elimination of unnecessary bureaucratic processes, Zirio is determined to transform the driver's experience, saving them valuable time and enabling them to focus on what they do best: delivering efficiently.

As we've enhanced the efficiency and increased the benefits for drivers/truckers, our focus extends to raw material, pharmaceutical, and food companies. We strive to reduce their operational costs and eliminate inefficiencies by seamlessly integrating them with us, providing an enhanced experience and automation to minimize any financial or time-related expenditure.

Ultimately, Zirio's story is a testament to how technology, empathy, and a user-centric approach can converge to overcome challenges in the logistics world. As we move forward, we maintain our commitment to be a transformative force, driving efficiency, connectivity, and satisfaction for both drivers and the companies that rely on us to power their logistics.

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