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Driving the future, driver profiles for Zirio

In the vibrant world of package delivery, Zirio stands out as an innovative platform that not only connects drivers with businesses or users in need of transporting packages but also transforms the driving experience into an exciting and profitable opportunity in the Web3 world while cutting down barriers that might hinder the experience and still incorporating Web2 methods. Our story at Zirio is not just about shipments, it's about creating an ecosystem where different types of drivers find a space tailored to their needs and unique skills under a unique transparency based on growth ideals, primarily for them.

In the first months of Zirio, we decided to exclusively focus on businesses and truckers, marking the beginning of a strategic journey towards excellence in deliveries for the corporate world and truck drivers. This will provide us with an initial insight into the functioning of our platform and perfection to extend to any type of user correctly, maintaining a high standard of quality.

  • Truckers: we work closely with companies of various sizes to provide their drivers with an efficient and well-coordinated experience. From small local businesses to large-scale corporations, Zirio facilitates logistics management, allowing drivers to focus on the road while we optimize routes and coordinate deliveries.

  • Light cargo drivers: our platform is designed for independent drivers who seek flexibility in their schedules and the ability to define their own routes. From university students looking for additional income to independent professionals aiming to maximize their time. Drivers using bicycles, motorcycles, cars, and vans can apply.

Why is Zirio the best option for a trucker?

Throughout the development, we have observed that the issue pattern with traditional logistics focused on large cargo, involving truckers, is increasing every day. Additionally, Zirio's founder noticed this problem in one of his family's companies related to heavy-duty logistics in cereals. We can guarantee, through studies and experience, that the application process, documentation, and order-taking from start to finish are impractical and hindered by the use of outdated and disorganized technologies such as Excel documents, phone calls, and security issues regarding driver verification. Furthermore, studies confirm that the majority of companies to which truckers affiliate tend to abuse high shipping commissions and impose time losses on the driver.

  • Zirio is the best option for a trucker looking to join an independent path, process their own orders through a comprehensive and intuitive platform that saves 6 times the time compared to a traditional system. This means no need for spreadsheets, software, or calls that waste time and worsen the experience of delivering a load. That's why we take care of solving all these issues and bringing them closer to our independent truckers.

  • We have reached the most important point of why Zirio is so good. When a company affiliated with us posts a job for a certain type of cargo, the trucker gets 85% of the total service fee. Currently, we are the delivery ecosystem with the highest benefit for our couriers. You can withdraw or convert your earnings into any method you prefer. Whether you want to keep it in crypto or withdraw it in traditional flat currency, you have the flexibility. Plus, you can still use ATMs.

  • Zirio's commitment to efficiency is the cornerstone of its success. No longer do truckers need to spend hours navigating convoluted systems or waiting for job confirmations. With Zirio, the entire process is at their fingertips. Jobs are posted, confirmed, and executed with unparalleled speed, saving truckers valuable time and maximizing their earning potential.

  • Security is not just a feature, it's a commitment at Zirio. In the traditional landscape, concerns over verification and safety lingered like a storm cloud. Zirio cleared the skies by implementing robust security measures. From verified job listings to secure payment channels, truckers now travel the digital highways with the assurance that their journey is not only efficient but also secure.

  • The innovation in cutting-edge technologies is what strengthens us and enables us to continue growing competitively. Our advanced protocol enhances transaction transparency, speed, and security, while incorporating inclusive payment methods and other advantages. Leveraging artificial intelligence for user verification, validation, documentation, and order processing streamlines our operations significantly. We provide our couriers with tools for route optimization, support, and specialized functions. Our platform serves as a hub for those interested in integrating these technologies, seamlessly incorporating them into our ecosystem in a conventional manner. Utilizing these technologies is vital for ensuring efficiency, transparency, inclusivity, and security for all parties involved.

Why can't the majority of truckers disaffiliate from logistics companies or be independent?

For many truckers, breaking free from logistics companies is a daunting task; the hurdles include a lack of experience in navigating platforms and managing administrative processes, along with the incapacity to gather a dedicated team for these tasks. Perhaps the most significant challenge lies in the insufficient financial means to set up such infrastructure, and because they don't have a network of companies providing these services.

We offer a comprehensive platform that addresses these challenges head-on. Our integrated solution not only provides truckers with a user-friendly interface in all the processes that a classic logistics company does but also ensures they benefit from substantial commissions, tax reductions, and enhanced efficiency in terms of security and time management. Zirio emerges as the optimal choice, enabling truckers not only to thrive within our platform but also to potentially establish their companies based on our protocol and features.

Picture this: a trucker, drowning in paperwork, juggling calls, and struggling to secure jobs efficiently. This was the reality for many before Zirio stepped in. Our platform revolutionized the entire process, turning chaos into control. No more endless paperwork, no more frustrating calls—just a streamlined system that puts truckers back in the driver's seat of their own destiny.


The first year of Zirio will focus solely on heavy-duty shipments for our verified companies, of which we already have several on our whitelist along with couriers. However, both heavy-duty and light-duty truckers can still sign up and operate. Why limit ourselves to large shipments? Because we are prioritizing the perfection of the platform, upholding a high-quality standard before expanding to the global public that may request any type of shipment, load, or length.

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